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Hello Everyone!
Today we are going to be talking about writing motivation and tips on how to write consistently. But first! I would like to officially introduce myself.

My name is Breanna and I am here to share my writing experience. The ups, the downs, my knowledge, and my problems. I am here to be relatable and helpful. As a novel writer and a screenwriter, I know the pains of both worlds. I am also a certified script editor, so I’ve got some actual knowledge and experience to draw from.

Enough introductions, lets hop right in!

I am currently starting Camp Nanowrimo this month. If you are a writer and have not heard of Nanowrimo, LOOK IT UP. It is a cool community of writers where you set goals together and try to reach them. It’s much more than that as well, but I mostly use it to set a goal and help me stay motivated to reach my word count!

Staying motivated to write can be HARD. Believe me, I know. I am on and off all of the time. So, how do you stay consistent? I know a few tricks that have worked for me and a few that I haven’t tried but would like to that I can share with you all right now!


If you have a plan for your story, then writing consistently is going to be sooo much easier. Cause you aren’t going to have bursts of productive writing followed by meandering thoughts and lost plots. Having an outline or a treatment of what is going to happen can save your life.


This sounds a little odd and may not work for everyone. But sometimes I get stuck on a scene and so I just don’t write. Or, I try to write but just stare at my page for an hour and give up, haha. This tip works a lot better if you have a plan as well. So, I’ve got my plan, and I know that in this scene THIS has to happen. But how does it happen? I don’t know the specifics. And so, I write a little summary instead and just MOVE ON. Hopefully, as I continue writing it will be revealed what is needed in that scene. If not, I will struggle over it later, after I’ve got the majority of my story written.


This is a tip that can go two ways. Either set a time to start (which I prefer) or set an actual time slot. Planning a time in your day is important. Otherwise, you just say “I’ll write when I have time” or “I’ll write when I get inspired” and thennn you never write 🙂 So, setting aside a time can force you to sit down, stare at that page, and get it done.


This is one thing I’ve always wanted to create for myself. It can be a spot in your home, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it is a little cozy corner you create in your house, a special chair, or a quiet library. Have a space that you only use for writing. Your brain gets used to it. And so, after a while, when you get to that space, your brain will recognize that it is ‘writing time’ and you will be able to get into the flow a lot easier.


Finding yourself a good writing buddy can be helpful for many reasons. You can help each other stay accountable, you can help each other stay excited. You can get constructive feedback so that you have a clear path to work towards, or you can brainstorm together to overcome writers block. Check out my full blogpost on What Makes a Good Writing Buddy.

You can also keep your writing motivation high by setting goals, participating in nanowrimo, and, in general, trying to stay excited about your story!

It can be hard to stay excited after you mull over it again and again trying to make it great. Keep that spark in your heart and write on!

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